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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fast Company Now
I do not wish there were more hours in a day--how many more is enough? There are always enough hours to be productive and spend a few minutes living in the present moment. ( a friend told me she heard that most of us spend less than 11% of the day in the moment.)

Fast Company Now does a interesting piece on the pace and pain of our lives. I am personally comforted that multitasking is not a cognitive reality. I can move to and fro between tasks at a rapid rate , doing more than one at a time does not work. (not very well.)

Click on the title for good ideas on single tasking ...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

"It's Good Work If you can get it"

Anyone hear that anymore? If not there are a variety of versions such as "that's why they call it work!" Even TGIF says a great deal about our collective feelings about how we spend a good half of our time on the planet.
Finding "good work"--that is meaningful and pays the house note is not easy for many people.

On the other hand I included the link below to provide a fresh example of what is possible.

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